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Going back to work? Upgrade your look now!


It may be time to put away your dancing shoes and your festive wear for the season, but take heart. There’s barely a month left for the festivities of December to roll in again. Meanwhile, it might be a good idea to upgrade your work wear wardrobe this month and to understand the changing dynamics of dressing well, as you get set to take on the challenges of the New Year ahead.

Here are a few ways to upgrade your look at the workplace…

 #Remember… getting ready for work is no longer about wearing anything in your wardrobe.

Life may have been simpler a decade ago, when men could wear a suit or settle for any shirt and trousers for work. Today, the rules have changed. Men have to understand the corporate culture of their company and dress to make an instant impression. It is now important to remember that a little extra effort on your part will inevitably lead to more success.

So should you opt for grey flannel or cool plaid? Sneakers or loafers for Casual Fridays? A three piece suit or a pin stripe jacket for the next big meeting? These are the questions you might have asked earlier, but now, you should go one step further. Ask yourself how you can upgrade these styles and make them your own. Sometimes, you just need a few personal touches to create a unique look.

#Upgrade the style codes

Most offices have an unwritten dress code but you can look edgy even with these restrictions. For instance, there are workplaces that still adhere to traditional business attire. In a company like this, you will need to wear a full suit along with a tie and a dress shirt on most days. But you could take this style a notch higher, by choosing a suit in a luxurious swatch of fabric and adding accessories like an imaginative pocket square or a tie.

If your company has a business casual dress code, you need to wear button-up shirts and khakis to work, with or without a tie, but you can never wear jeans or T-shirts in a setting like this. Here’s your chance to do something different. Wear a fabulous shirt (check out the range from Tailorman) and get a pair of fitted pants tailor made for you. You will never look like anyone else again.

Smart casual is another popular office dress code, especially among those employees who specialise in creative work. In these offices, you could wear a jacket that does not match your trousers, or wear a blazer in a vivid colour. Let your imagination fly in a place like this and wear handsome shirts, colourful waistcoats or a pair of well tailored, relaxed trousers.

#Position clothes just right

The first step to upgrade your style is to learn how to wear your clothes. Experts and trend watchers say that it is important to wear clothes that fall well and are placed in the right positions on your body. Trousers should fall just on top of the shoe and its waistband should rest just above the hips. Make sure that the upper part of your tummy does not stick out. Shirt sleeves should end at your wrist bone and should not sag or droop down the shoulders. Check the rise of your trousers as well.

 #Experiment with colour and fabrics

Don’t stick to white, blue or grey formal shirts all the time, though there is a time and place for these colours too. Even a small change in colour can upgrade your look. Experiment with softer colours like lilac, beige or teal. Wear trouser colours in olives, whites or tans, instead of grey and black. Opt for different fabrics like wool, linen or fine cottons.

 # Upgrade your accessories

Wear a stylish pair of reading glasses and sport a briefcase in fine leather for a polished look. Make sure you buy a stylish range of shoes in a variety of colours like light brown, white or double tones to go with each look in your wardrobe. Your neckties and pocket squares should be chosen with care and learn to match them with your shirt well. 

#But remember… some rules never change

It is important to remember that even as you upgrade your style, some rules do not change. You need to take pride in your clothes and wear them well. Never wear clothes that do not fit you well or those that are not ironed. In fact, the first rule of upgrading your style, is to get your clothes custom made or tailored for you. Well fitting clothes should be a non negotiable rule when you need to look your best  and if you need to make a long lasting impression at work.




Why should I buy a jacket this season?

 As the festive season kicks off, and the women in your life go into a shopping frenzy, it’s time to get into the spirit of things and do some shopping yourself. As you may have noticed — many men do not mind buying a brand new watch, or a new tech accessory or even an expensive shirt, but when it comes to buying a new suit or a good jacket, there is always a rethink. This hesitation is not necessarily because a jacket is more expensive than a shirt or an accessory; it is usually because many men in our country feel that a jacket has to be bought only if you need to go to a wedding or venture outdoors in winter. For the rest of time, a long kurta or a fine shirt will pass muster for most occasions. Why waste money on a suit or a jacket?

 What will a jacket do for you?

Did you know that designers and style experts say that a well tailored jacket can make you look taller, take off several inches from your mid section and make you look more toned and attractive in an instant. When you wear a jacket with a pair of sharp trousers, a smart shirt and add a pocket square as a final flourish, you instantly give yourself a stylish aura that no other garment can give you.

But remember – unless your jacket or suit is tailored perfectly and custom made for you, this look will not work, even if you wear fabulous shoes, a brilliant tie or a flashy watch to go with it.

What are the jackets and suits I need to know about?

Don’t wait till winter sets in before going jacket shopping. It should be your all season accessory, so pick up pieces all through the year and you will have enough choices whenever you need to look special or just feel warm. Here’s a quick list of the kind of jackets that are available in the market today. One of the most popular jackets is the safari jacket. This rugged outerwear is good for that all-weather look and is perfect for most seasons.

As the weather shifts from turning cold to becoming hot in a single day, as is the case in an Indian winter, the cotton jacket is a good buy, either in plaid, denim or lighter fabrics to give you the warmth and elegance you need.

The linen jacket is another category of jackets that should find a place in your wardrobe and the leather jacket comes a close second. As for the suits, you can choose from among the two button or 4, the double breasted, the pinstripe suit, the three piece suit, the sharkskin suit and so much more.

 What is trendy this year?

But wait. Don’t go and buy any suit you can lay your hands on to wear over the season. Check out the trends of 2013 and see which one will suit your personality and your colouring.

Charcoals and camel colours were very hot on the fashion runways this year. Models were seen wearing grey from head to toe, but there were also many who were wearing contrasting colours with charcoal as the backdrop. If you are in the mood to be adventurous, try shades of dark red, claret in your suit, either as an accessory or in the jacket. But if you want to stay with safe colours, blue is the still the big colour this year.

Slim cuts and premium fabrics never go out of style and this year also, plush fabrics and fitted clothes are very popular. Checks and squares as motifs have made a comeback this season and is poised to last another year too.

 Why should I go to an expert?

A well tailored jacket is timeless classic because it gives you an appearance of powerful shoulders, a skinny waist and a solid silhouette. But if it slopes beyond the shoulders, falls in bulky proportions and drapes badly, you cannot hope to look good.

The best way to buy the best jacket is to get it tailor made for you. When it is cut well, it makes you look slimmer instantly and gives you the contours of well toned muscles and fit body. A proper drape at the back will conceal any extra weight. A good jacket can raise your midpoint and this makes you look taller and legs longer.

Remember — only Tailorman can give the best fits and styles. Once you wear a well made jacket or suit by Tailorman, you will realize how you can change your body image completely and how good you can look this winter.

Here’s to a fabulous festive season!




Headline: How do I choose the right shirt? Just deconstruct it…

Most men don’t have a clue about the shirts they wear, other than the fact that they are made of some kind of fabric and in some generic, acceptable colour. Some men might know a bit more, like maybe the size of their shirt collars or the fabrics they are allergic to. This ignorance is fine if you are not particular about what you wear, but increasingly, in the workplace and in social circles, looking good is synonymous with success and popularity. It is therefore, very important to understand your shirt, and then learn how to choose the best one for you.

Let us therefore try to deconstruct and demystify the shirt for you as simply as possible.

The Collar:

This is the first thing that you must consider while buying your shirt. It comes in many styles today, from button down to Italian to French, to the rounded, the tab or button down collar, so choose which one you like best. If you ask expert tailors, they would give you more options like the Cambridge, The Elliott, the Ascot, the Boylston or the Malborough collar. But don’t get too confused. Remember that style is only secondary to the fit. The collar should sit evenly around your neck without suffocating you and you should be able to slip two fingers into the collar and not feel like you are being throttled. Style experts say that straight or pointed collars go well with rounder faces as they give the wearer’s face an illusion of less width and more angles.

The Cuff

The size of the cuff of your shirt around your wrist is just as important as any other part of your ensemble. There are many different types of cuffs, like angle cut cuffs, button cuffs, French double cuffs and more, but choose, either according to the occasion (depending how formal or informal the occasion is) or by the kind of style you happen to like. Shirts also have a sleeve placket sewn on the opening of the sleeve fabric near the cuff, closed by a button. The ideal shirt cuff should end where your palm meets your wrist, should not bunch up too much and bending your arm should not make your cuff move up by more than an inch.


Most men love to be comfortable when they wear clothes and so they mistakenly assume that their shirts should be as loose as possible. This is a mistake because shirt sleeves should not billow out nor fit too tightly along your arm. The shoulder seam is therefore important, and most experts say that it should start at the exact end of your shoulder. In any other position, you might look slouchy or lazy, whereas when placed right, you can look smart and sexy. The armpits of the shirt should be comfortable too, even in motion. 

There’s more…

There are many other parts of the shirt that you could be aware of, but you could safely leave these to your designer or tailor, like the hems, the button placket, the buttons, the yoke, the breast pocket, the hem gusset and more.

But you still need to make a few more checks when you go shirt shopping. Here’s your checklist:


Look for the finest fabrics, like 100% cotton or other natural fabrics. Make sure the stitching has been done well, discreetly and carefully.

Look for interesting details:

Make sure each shirt you own looks different and unique. Check for an interesting cuff, an insignia, an interesting array of buttons, a smart collar or a pair of fine cuffs.

The right colours

Don’t buy a bunch of blue shirts for day and another bunch of grey ones for the night. Choose your shirt colours and patterns with as much care as you choose the fits. Solid colours, checks or stripes are good for the day but for the weekend, pick up happy and bright colours and team them with lighter trousers.

Last word…

The right shirt is your best companion at work and at leisure. It will be well worth your while to choose the best that you can find, as carefully as possible. Tailorman has the best fits and best buys in the men’s market now. Take a few minutes to stop by and check out them out today. 

As they say, starting a long journey of style success at work can begin with a single step of understanding your shirt.




Trend report: Seascapes and patterns take a bow!

 As another summer fades into memory, it is time get ready for the next winds of change, as a new fashion season arrives and brings with it, a mixed bag of surprising fashion trends. Autumn is rolling in, with a wave of exciting style ideas and while it is important to know them, it is equally important to know whether these trends will suit you or how you can make them work for you. As always, being truly trendy is about picking up new ideas on the go and getting them custom made to suit you, and the best place to begin is to go to the experts who are high on style sensibilities like Tailorman.

Check out the new trends of autumn:

Blue, glorious blue!

It is one more year of blue being the hip and happening colour of the season. Celebrities and super stars sported more blue suits and tuxedos than any other colour early this year, and the trend continues. Choose luxurious navy, soft aqua and sea blue, and you would be on the right track for winter. But with our unique Indian colouring, it is important to choose a shade of blue that will enhance your personality. A light aquamarine suit, for instance, might be too overpowering for deep olive skin tones, and yet, if you have an outgoing personality, it might be just the shade that transforms you. On the other hand, shades of royal navy will suit most men instantly. Get the help of a stylist before going in for lighter sea inspired colours, but when it comes to choosing darker shades in this hue, you can relax because it is impossible to go wrong with dark blue.

Mix it all up!

Remember the old style rule of sticking to one pattern and one colour right through your ensemble. This is old news now as the styles of autumn allow for mixing and matching patterns and colours. Trend experts say that it is possible to wear all patterns together, from checks, to plaids to geometric patterns by teaming them with neutral colours. Is this a good idea for you? It could be, but it is not easy to implement. A bunch of weird florals and strange abstracts clumped carelessly together in one ensemble may not work, unless you do so very carefully. Tread cautiously with this new trend.

Tender is the night!

Dark colours rule the roost this autumn and this is the best style idea for our country too. Pick up some rich dark pieces for the season, either in jet black, deep, dark brown or sober grey. The darker the colour, the more polished you will look. Wear these shades both for work and for leisure and you will be on trend, as dark shades are poised to rule the fashion world till the end of the year.

Get playful too!

Surprisingly — despite the fact that dark colours are an important style statement this year, designers have not lost their playful mood yet. Candy colours in vibrant shades of powder blue, baby pink and clear lilac are still around, so if you still want to punctuate the uncertain climate of the next season with a burst of optimism, buy some clothes in bright and happy colours. This would mean buying brighter shirts, colourful chinos or patterned and coloured suits, but remember not to wear all colours at once. For instance, team a bright suit with a crisp white shirt to make the right style statement.

Bring in the shine!

Metallics come to the fore again this year, so adding a bit of shine into your clothes as the festive season draws nearer, is a good idea. Try suits or blazers in metallic navy, shiny purple, shimmering silver, cool bronze or even in brilliant black to look like the showstopper in a fashion show. Just tone it down by teaming them with quiet and understated neutrals so that you don’t inadvertently look like a walking rainbow. Want more heads to turn? Wear a suit with a pair of sneakers to show how you can defy fashion rules in style.

Last word…

Remember not to wear anything too trendy unless you are sure how to mix and match your clothes well. This is where you will need the help of style experts like Tailorman to take you ahead. Also, it is wise to remember that clothes must fit you well and suit your personality. Tailor them to suit you and let fine fashion be your mainstay this winter.

Making Fusion Magic!




Most of us living in the India of today find ourselves torn between two cultures; neither one fully our own. Our entire existence is a fusion of histories, culture and lifestyles. Fusion is something that we have the remarkable ability to create, most of the time, unbeknownst to us. French wine with our Rogan Josh, a German beer during the cricket match, a foreign education coming in very handy at an Indian corporation, a sorely misplaced western first name and a Bundy waistcoat with our very European-esque trousers. We are masters of fusion and proudly so. 

When it comes to matters of apparel, we, Tailorman, cannot stand by quietly. And so we won’t. Here’s our two-cents on how to create some fusion fashion magic. 

The fur-lined coats and knee length boots of New York, while stunning and highly aspirational, naturally seem a little pretentious in some parts of India, for no reason other than the impracticality of it all. As Indians, we should be able to enjoy the Indian equivalent in alternative fashion, luxury fashion and any kind of fashion really. When we can create that fine balance of Indian and western in the way we dress, that’s when we create magic. 

The first important thing to remember is to use in moderation. Don’t pile on the accessories or mix up too many kinds of cultures in one outfit. Keep it simple and you’re golden. The second thing to remember is to keep it functional and comfortable. An outfit based on nothing but aesthetic quality is plain stupid and that stupidity will come through, trust us. 

Keep a few of these things handy for some easily thrown together fusion outfits.

1. A Traditional Indian Waistcoat – The bolder the colours and prints, the better. You’ll have an endless variety to choose from. Check out the Bundy waistcoat collection at Tailorman, while you’re at it.

More Tailorman Bundy waistcoats here:
2. Jodhpuri Pants – This lovely adaptation of a very traditional style is edgy, fresh and very sexy. Also, they’re ridiculously comfortable. If you can pull these off, you’re a star. 
3. A Kurta – Tunics, the world calls them. We scoff. Kurtas come in all shapes, colours and materials. They are most magnificent. We’ve seen kurtas paired with shorts, trousers and lungis and all of these combinations look fabulous. 
4. Kholapuri Slippers – For those hot summer days when the thought of wearing a pair of socks and shoes makes you break a sweat, slip into one of these bad boys and breeze through your day oozing worldly coolness. 
5. Tribal Jewelry – That’s right. Wear that manly necklace. A bracelet will do too. Heck, even an anklet. We’re Indians for Pete’s sake, as one of the world’s most exotic peoples, we can get away with pretty much anything. So like we said, go ahead and wear that piece of tribal art proudly around your… well, anywhere you please really.

How to Stay Stylish in the Rains


India is drowning in the monsoons and any hope of wearing your best shoes, or trousers… or anything really, is out of the question. But before you resign yourself to two whole months of dressing like a hobo, have a read. There are options. You don’t have to be a plastic bag.

If you have the following articles of clothing and use the tips below, you should be covered (figuratively too) for the monsoons. 

1. A kick ass pair of rain boots. They’re called Wellingtons in some parts of the world. You can get them in lots of different colours but even the plain black ones look charming. With these, you can protect the hems of your trousers from the muck, keep your feet dry and maintain a casual air of equestrian class. 

2. A similarly kick ass rain coat. Raincoats are usually bulky and unsophisticated, but this time, try and buy yourself a less bulky one; one that resembles a trench coat. It makes all the difference. Again, go nuts with the colours and prints, you can really make a statement. 

3. Raised hems on your trousers. Not only is this look completely in right now, it also comes in very handy when you find yourself wading through endless oceans of mud. The standard Indian street, in other words. 

4. A smart umbrella. Avoid the floral variety that are easily available on the streets and wait till you find the perfect black umbrella. There is something strangely sexy about a man dressed to the T, proudly carrying an umbrella through the rain. It’s not just in the highly stylised images you see on the glossy pages, promise. 

5. A classic felt fedora. The key word here is felt. This material can withstand the rain but be warned, it might stain when left to self-dry. Nevertheless, rejoice in the knowledge that you can look your stylish best even on the rainiest day. 

6. The genius heel tape feature on trousers, available on Tailorman trousers. Heel tape is basically a webbing reinforcement on the rear at the ankles so it won’t fray or rip, something that happens when we’re trudging around on uneven, wet, muddy roads.

We’re putting all this information out there for selfish reasons, really. We just want to enjoy the view during the monsoons, death to the rubber slippers and all. We hope you’ve found this useful. 

Until next time. Stay fabulous.

Tailor – Men Commandments

Men need to follow style rules too, says the new fashion mantra. Don’t agree? Read on…
If you’ve been staying up to date with the recent ad campaign on how men should shop and what the Men commandments of shopping should be, maybe you’ll enjoy our unique short list for good style too. We agree entirely with writer G. Bruce Boyer who believes that your clothes should be taken very seriously. He says… “It is both delusional and stupid to think that clothes don’t really matter and we should all wear whatever we want. Most people don’t take clothing seriously enough, but whether we should or not, clothes do talk to us and we make decisions based on people’s appearances.”
So looking your best at all times is not a luxury any more, it is a necessity in these times. Let’s get started with our Men Commandments…
Thou shall wear fitting clothes
Guys, even if your loose jacket and slouchy pants are comfortable, remember they can never make you look good. A good fit can never be restrictive, it will, in fact, take you to a new level of style. Remember, however, that you might need an expert stylist or tailor to help you get this look right.
Thou shall own one good suit
Get one suit that is a timeless classic in a dark colour. Make sure that is bespoke and team it with a pair of trousers made in the same fabric. If you attend many summer soirees, get a light suit crafted for you this season also.
Thou shall get your own personal style
The internet will constantly throw up ideas on how to update your style, but stay informed. When it comes to making decisions on your clothes, go by your own personality. For instance, if you are an introvert, the flashy tie and suits that looks good on your fun loving colleague may not be right for you. Wear what complements your life view.
Thou shall not shop carelessly
Going to a mall in the last minute before a special night is a strict no-no. Plan your clothes much ahead and get a garment tailor made for you.
Thou shall insist on quality
Cheap is everywhere but quality is hard to find. It may look tempting to save a few rupees initially but in the end, this could be an unwise move. So, take a bit of effort till you find the finest quality to match your style.
Thou shall own one ethnic garment
Across the world, people proudly sport their national costumes, but many men here fight shy of anything Indian. Wearing an indigenous fabric or style gives you a sense of an identity instantly. Get a smart bandhgala, a waistcoat or just a simple kurta tailored for you this year.

For the best style advice, fits, fabrics, cuts and colours, contact Or step into our guide store in Bangalore for more information.
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